Sunday, March 20, 2011



1. On going Education Programme.
2. Fund Raising.
3. Visits to our Shelter.
4. Staff.
5. Ongoing Work.
6. Volunteers.
7. Cruelty Investigations.

1. On going Education Programme:
SHEP (Schools Humane Education Project) was held at three Primary Schools at Calder Hall,  Bon Accord and Mason Hall.  
a.Members of the TTSPCA give an interactive presentation and hand out bookmarks and leaflets to the students and teachers. The leaflets illustrate the "Health and Maintenance of animals" and "Responsible Ownership of your best friend" and "The benefits of spaying and neutering Animals".
The Shelter Vets have advised us that there has been an increase in the number of dogs brought in for checkups and spaying so the leaflets have not gone unnoticed.
b. We have written a proposal for a series of Programmes to be aired on Radio and repeated in the Local newspaper
2. Fund Raising:
Our Fund Raising efforts continued with a jumble sale, book sales and our collection boxes.

3. Visits to our Shelter:
a. Miguella Mark-Carew is a Fulbright Scholar from Cornell University, USA.   She is doing her Phd in infectious diseases in stray/roaming dogs in Trinidad and Tobago.   She has been to the Shelter and interacted with the Veterinarians and Staff.   She has devised a questionnaire to find out how people react to roaming/stray dogs.

b. Operation Manager of TTSPCA in Trinidad and the President of the TTSPCA Council visited our Shelter.  To sum up their report I quote:-
“We would like to say how pleased we are with the progress that the Tobago Branch has made since our previous visits. We congratulate them on having such a well run facility with a great team of staff members”

4. Staff: 
We are working on the need for Staff training sessions which would cover topics from the role that the TTSPCA plays in society to animal cruelty laws etc.   A visit to Trinidad Northern Branch by the Tobago staff was discussed, to look at protocols used and meet others in the same profession.

5. Ongoing Work:
Quarantine Kennels have been built.
Project to build Boarding Kennels.  
Ongoing fund raising and searching for sponsors.
Adoptions:   We continue to encourage adoptions. click here

6. Volunteers:  
We are making every effort to build up a network of volunteers.   As we are an NGO we depend on volunteers to walk dogs, socialize our dogs and cats to make them more adoptable.    Email us with your ideas, opinions or questions.

7. Cruelty Investigations: 
Working with a volunteer Police Officer and a Vet we investigate cruelty cases and help end the suffering of animals.   However, we need your help, if you suspect that an animal is being abused please call the Shelter.