Friday, July 22, 2011


1. We need Foster Homes
2. ID Tags
3. Rosco
4. Funding
1.  We need Foster Homes 
We need FOSTER PARENTS to give our Shelter dogs a temporary home, to socialize them for a while making them all the more appealing for adoption.

John & Myrna foster our Shelter dogs whenever they are resident in their house in Palatuvier. Taffy wandered into their home where she stayed a few months until they returned to
Canada in March.   Taffy was brought in to our Shelter where she was spayed and put up for adoption.   We are happy to  say that special someone "Nzingha" gave her a 'forever home".   Taffy looks a bit nervous but Nzingha assures us she has settled into her new surroundings very well.

2.  ID Tags

Each dog adopted from the Shelter is given a free ID Tag by the TobagoSPCA. The ID Tag contains the TSPCA’s telephone number so that any lost dogs can be returned to the Shelter.

3. Rosco 
Tracie & Rosco

This is Rosco (click here - Adoption page) who was adopted in April by Wendell and Tracee.

She returned to visit us last week and has grown into a lovely brindle coloured happy dog. 
Tracee also donated 'some goodies' to the Shelter from well wishers in the UK… Thanks a bunch of woofs Tracee!!

Recently we had a fire at the Shelter which was averted by the Staff.   We are now relocating the kitchen outside the area where the animals are kept.    Another project that needs to be funded.