Sunday, January 1, 2012


A wag of the tail, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!
Chelsea - first Christmas in the UK 
after leaving Tobago.

1. Letter to Members - December 2011
2. TobagoSPCA branch fund raiser 
3. Goal Reached!
4. Nina
Season’s greetings and very best wishes for 2012 to all Members of the TTSPCA.

Our Mission remains the same:   To prevent Cruelty to animals.   We rescue stray and unwanted animals, try and rehome them and raise awareness of the positive treatment and care of animals.
Our Motto:   We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

We started 2011 by having our FREE spay/neuter Clinics with the assistance of the  Humane Society of the USA.   SPOTT (Spaying prevents overpopulation in T & T)  We believe that this is the way forward to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens in Tobago.

A Committee Member attended  the 2011 Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference in Puerto Rico.   A lot of knowledge was gleaned from interacting with other organizations and attending seminars/workshops.

We are a charitable organization and do not receive any Government  assistance.    Our fund raising committee has been busy with organizing events to raise funds towards the expense of running the Shelter. We have adoption drives, jumble sales, book sales and social events i.e Brunch, Cocktail Parties, Back in time dances etc.   We rely on the goodwill of individuals, both local and our foreign visitors, to continue to service the needs of the unwanted animals in our community.

Our Clinic is open daily and staffed by Veterinarians so we are able to offer the general public affordable safe veterinary care.   We have on sale medication for the care of your Pets including herbal medications.
Dr. Paul Crooks, our resident Vet, has a programme called “Ask the Vet” once a month on Channel 5, our local TV station.   This is a ‘call in’ programme and is another way to raise awareness on the treatment of our animals.

In July we said goodbye to Miguella Mark-Carew, a Phd student from Cornell University who spent 10 months in T & T assisting our Shelters in many ways including making a donation of collars/leashes from a project by the students of T. Herber Middle School in New York.   She also brought 4 students from Cornell University to assist with our SPOTT programme.

In September we welcomed Dr. Charlotte Balcombe from the UK who worked with Dr. Crooks for a month and helped spay/neuter our shelter animals.

OUR STAFF:  We take this opportunity to thank our STAFF.   They are faced every day with the caring of unwanted animals but they will greet you with a smile and take time to pat a dog or give a cat a stroke or two.

OUR VOLUNTEERS:  They deserve a big Thanks,  without them how would we manage, they exercise and give comfort and socialize our dogs to make them adoptable.   Volunteers are always needed  so if you have an hour or two to spare ,come along to the Shelter and bring joy to a cat, dog, puppy or kitten.   Or if you would like to foster a dog to help socialize please contact the Shelter.

Our VISION is to make the Shelter self sufficient.

OUR PROJECTS:   for 2012 continue from 2011:      
1) Building 10 Boarding Kennels
We have the plans and the budget actuals to build 10 (ten) boarding kennels at the cost of $200,000.   We initiated requests for funding assistance in 2011 but to date we have only received $20,500.   We are appealing this year for your help by:-
(1)  Setting up a Standing Order with your  Bank to make monthly donations to the Tobago  SPCA
(2)   Donating a monetary gift at any Republic Bank to our Tobago Account at Main Street,     Scarborough, Tobago
                                               a/c No: 020408593701

2) Complete the relocation of our kitchen
Our other project for 2012 is to complete the relocation of our kitchen and we are assessing the best use of the old kitchen space as it relates to the Clinic expansion.  

OUR WISH for 2012:    
That there will be no stray dogs, on the streets, beaches, airport, port, schools and everyone who has a dog will know how to care for it humanely.

Our Shelter is full of  “Tobago Terriers” who give unconditional love.   Come and see for yourself why the foreigners visiting Tobago fall in love with our Tobago Terriers.  We have exported dogs to the UK, Germany, Sweden and the USA,   Adopt one of these treasures here in Tobago.
NOTE:   From January 1, 2012 new rules apply in sending dogs to any country within the EC:  Microchip, rabies shot and 21 days later the dog can travel.   No more 6 months quarantine wait.

If you have an email address please forward it to:
Check out our facebook page:                                 
Our next FUND RAISER:  Pre Carnival Fete on 27th January at Stone Haven Resort.

Wishing you a peaceful New Year from the Committee of the Tobago SPCA.

Yours Sincerely,
Mary Soodeen
TTSPCA Tobago Branch

Committee Members:
Chairman:    M. Soodeen,  Vice Chairman:  P. Faraday,   Treasurer:  A. Phillips,   Dr. Crooks,
Dr. Mahase, J. Helmark, J. Westbury, L. Urbanowicz, N. Deane-Crooks, D. Samuel, B. Smith


3. GOAL REACHED! All Shelter animals neutered and spayed
Dr. Balcombe with Dr. Crooks.
The TTSPCA TOBAGO BRANCH would like to thank Dr. Charlotte Balcombe (graduate of The University of Bristol, England) for her one month of volunteer services assisting Dr. Paul Crooks and the animal shelter. Dr. Balcombe has adjusted too the many challanges of Tobago, such as tropical diseases, limited facilities (compared to the U.K.) and pet owners knowledge on pet care. She praises the Tobago TTSPCA for their hard work in educating the public on animal care and reducing the number of stray animals on the Island. Dr. Balcombe has accomplished the task of neutering and speying all the shelter animals, which are now ready for adoption. Dr. Balcombe plans on returning to Tobago for the SPOTT program (free neuter & spey) and also to see the developments of both the clinic and shelter.
We look forward to seeing her again.

4. NINA 

Nina, picked up in Charlotteville, adopted by Seffi from Germany.   Nina had a deformed leg.   A vet operated on her a few months later and she now walks perfectly.   Her story appeared in the Germany Newspaper - another happy ending.
Although it's printed in German maybe some of our German members will check it out.
Nina is already on the adoption page click here .