Friday, August 5, 2011


1. Book Swap
2. Puppy / Whitey
3. TTSPCA Morning Show interview on WinTV 

Bago the dog
"Bago" the dog wanted you to know that ... Store Bay Marine Services next to Bago's Beach Bar runs a book swap which raises money for the TTSPCA in Tobago. Drop by... swap a book and help raise money for a good cause

Thank you Store Bay Marine Services -CLICK HERE


Puppy /Whitey
This is Puppy also know as Whitey, “a true, professional beach bum” says Brett Kenny of Radical Sports Tobago (click here). 
He was neutered by the SPOTT programme (spay/neutering programme) organised by the TSPCA in Tobago 3 years ago and as he was born right on the beach he was put back there to live freely, where he protects his territory only allowing his favourite dogs to stay ... favourite dogs like Oily. 
OILY - oh.. nice smile!
He has become quite a favourite with visitors and is loved by Brett who says nobody could ever give Puppy / Whitey the love he gets on Pigeon Point.

We wish hotels could do the same and allow the beach dogs to be spayed/neutered and returned to live out their lives on the beach.
Puppy's new hobby!

3. TTSPCA Morning Show interview on WinTV  
click here

First on-site interview so it was a bit bumpy but everything is a lesson, I was however beyond pleased that my first project was the Animal Shelter, it's an amazing facility, run by some very kindhearted people and filled with the sweetest most loving creatures i've ever seen. I've adopted a cat there myself and i'm encouraging all of you to do the same or if you're unable to do so, to at least visit, donate or volunteer a few hours of your time to be with these sweethearts ... i apologize for the quality of the video, I was trying to ensure the entirety of it would fit so I had to make a bit of a sacrifice of quality! 
tigerlilyanna (WINTV)