Friday, January 4, 2013


Wishing all our Members 
Peace and Abundance for 2013

Our Mission 
To prevent cruelty to Animals.   
To one day have a stray free Tobago

Our Motto   
We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

We are an NGO with little funding from Government and we organize  jumble sales, book sales, adoption drives, collection boxes etc. to raise money to keep the Shelter afloat.   We continually rely on the goodwill of individuals, both local and our foreign visitors to help us continue to service the needs of the stray animals in our community.

1. Projects
2. Events
3. Education
4. Staff
5. Volunteers & Helpers
6. Adoptions
7. Our projects for 2013

Extend and upgrade our Clinic    
Thanks to Luise Kimme for Her assistance in accomplishing this and Dr. Paul Crooks, our resident Veterinarian,  is now comfortable in his ‘new clinic’ which is opened daily and offers affordable veterinary care.   

- Ask the Vet
Dr. Crooks also continued his TV Programme “Ask the Vet”  which raises awareness on the treatment of all animals.

Dr. Paul Crooks, our resident Vet, with Linda, a Committee member
and John who always fosters a dog when in

- New Kitchen
We completed our new kitchen which we had to relocate when extending the Clinic.

Boarding Kennels
Our other Project for 2012 was the building of 10 Boarding Kennels which we hope will generate funds for the Shelter.  We did not achieve this goal in 2012 but I am pleased to announce that we have now Collected the funding and will start this project In January 2013.  


- Successful Fund raising fetes
We started 2012 by organizing a Carnival Party at Stonehaven, the first of our fund raising Events for the year.  We continued on to throw other fund raising fetes throughout the year.

We ended the year with another fund raising event at SandyPoint and again raised some funding for our Kennel Project.  

Crissy, one of our Volunteers who
helped us at our fund raiser fete

- Christmas fair Dec 2012

- Calendar sale 2013
TobagoSPCA was given calendars to sell from TTSPCA Trinidad and AWN with half of the money going to them.

- Collaborating with others
We helped with the launch of the book “Tobago Exposed” at Stonehaven in exchange for a free advertisement.

- Adoption Drive   
Held at the Gulf City Mall, LowlandsWe sold subway tickets and got a percentage from the sales which went towards the Kennel Project.

In August we had our free SPAY/NEUTER Clinics with assistance from the Humane Society of the USA,  TTSPCA Council and the Tobago House of Assembly, Agricultural Division helped with medications.

We had one clinic at our Shelter at Bacolet and an outreach Clinic in Charlotteville.

Dr. Adana Mahase at our outreach clinic in Charlotteville

We spayed/neutered 100 animals.   We would like to have more of these clinics as we believe that this is the way forward to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens in Tobago.  
Dr. Crooks participated in a spay week organized by Animal Welfare Network in Trinidad.

Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference
Alexandra Rothlisberger Program Manager from Humane Society International, USA  paid us a visit in March, on her agenda was to choose a location for the next Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference.   This conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Trinidad from 14-17th April 2013.  She is seen in the photo with Dr. Crooks, Clare Joseph, Shelter Manager, Mary Soodeen, Chairperson and Lois Helmark, Committee Member.
We look forward to attending this Conference.

Dr. Crooks (Vet), Clare Joseph (Shelter Manager), Alexandra Rothlisberger, Mary Soodeen, (Chairperson) and Lois Helmark (Committee Member)

- Testing for Heart worm
Dr. Miguella Mark Carew from the USA did some testing for heart worm and tick fever while she was on the Island

On June 23rd are you interested in
FREE testing for your dog? 

Call TSPCA at 639-2567 for details.

The TTSPCA and AWN in Trinidad have initiated a programme for Primary Schools and we will participate In this programme in 2013.    Again we are looking for Volunteers to help with the programme.  If you have an email address  please forward it to

education programme AWN

one of the activity books for the education programme 
the TobagoSPCA will participate in

We take this opportunity to thank our staff - Clare, Denise, Kishon and Leston!

Clare Joseph, Shelter Manager

We thank the volunteers who give comfort and socialize our animals to make them adoptable.   We NEED more volunteers so please call the Shelter if you can help.   Or if you would like to foster a dog.

2 young volunteers - Assam sisters

- Phillipe Le Farge from Ireland, who comes every year and has a golf tournament, some of the proceeds go towards the Shelter.   Taken outside the Shelter with Mary Soodeen, the Chairperson.

Our Tobago Terriers continue to be loved and adopted by our foreign visitors and we sent Badger, Dexter and Billy to the UK and Sparkles and Chocolate to Germany.   We also had a good number of our dogs and cats adopted by Tobagonians.

Check out some of  the lovely dogs that have been adopted at :-

* Please note that from January 2012 new rules apply in sending dogs to any country within the EC.   They are now micro chipped, receive a rabies shot and they can depart 21 days later to their destination.    No more quarantine!

- We would like to make the Shelter self sufficient and by completing the Boarding Kennels we will make a start.    
- We also want to upgrade the cattery and kitten area. 

We appeal for your help

(l)  Donating a monetary gift to any Republic Bank to our Tobago Account #020408593701

(2) Setting up a standing order with your Bank to make monthly donations to the Tobago SPCA

Our Wish for 2013 remains the same  - that there will be no stray dogs, on the streets, beaches, airport, port, schools and everyone who has a dog will know how to care for it humanely.   We hope when the Dangerous Dog Act is proclaimed this may become a reality with the onus being on responsible ownership.

We thank you all for supporting us

Wishing you all peace and abundance in the New Year 2013.
Yours sincerely,
Mary Soodeen,
TSPCA Tobago Shelter