Monday, May 16, 2011


1.  Government must enforce the Dangerous Dogs Act, says TSPCA Chairman
2.  Fund raiser - 60s PARTY
3.  Fashion weekend
1.  Government must enforce the Dangerous Dogs Act, says TSPCA Chairman
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On Tuesday we brought you the heartbreaking story of a teenager who was attacked by a pit-bull. In an effort to find out what can be done to prevent something like this from ever occurring in Tobago again, Tobago Channel Five news spoke with Chairman of the Tobago Branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Mary Soodeen.
In our previous newscast, you saw the pain and fear on the face of thirteen year old Shanice Archie as she relived the moment when she was attacked by a pit-bull. This pit- bull is owned by one of her neighbors in Majuba Trace Goodwood and according to Shanice’s mother it is often allowed to roam the neighborhood causing fear and panic among the residents.
Chairman of TSPCA Mary Soodeen says she was not surprised when she heard of the incident since persons are allowed to let their dogs roam free around Tobago. She said the role of the TSPCA’ is to try to bring about legislation to amend the dangerous dogs act which was assented to in 2000 but has not yet been proclaimed. Ms. Soodeen lamented that there is an increase of stray dogs and pit-bulls in Tobago.
She further stressed that dog owners must be held responsible for their charges. Ms. Soodeen expressed hope that in the wake of the incident in Goodwood and others in Trinidad, government would see the need to fast forward the implementation of the Dangerous Dogs Act.
2.  Fund raiser - 60s PARTY:  
The fund raiser took place on the 7th May, Sandy Point Village, Crown Point.
Thank you Inken Janning for the beautiful photos.

 3.  Fashion weekend:
Thanks to Marlon Grant, Inken Janning -, and all the volunteers.
Our Shelter dogs and puppies were on the Catwalk looking every bit as good as the models.
We are having an adoption drive on l8th June at Gulf City Mall and all our dogs and puppies will be up for adoption.

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